Monday, April 4, 2016

March 1, 2016

Big long week! It almost felt like I got a year older it was so long!
*snicker snicker snicker*

The week was good! We teach, or try to teach, 2 ASL classes as part of
our community service and one of them has literally brought one person
the past 2 months. And so needless to say, we were inches from
shutting it down, but this week we had 4 new people show up for the
first time! Awesome! It's so fun to teach ASL. I get to act like a
complete fool, and somehow, that helps people understand ASL! Imagine

We taught a great deal of lessons this week! We've been able to get in
with more less active deaf, which is awesome! Seriously, a couple of
members who've struggled when we first came are seriously making
strides! It's amazing to see! one of my favorites is named Z., and, because
my name looks like the sign for testimony, that's just what she calls me,
which I can't lie makes me super happy! She's just so fun! sweetest lady!

Been thinking a lot about Christ, and it's incredible how much our church 
focuses on the joy of Christ life, and not so much the cruelty of his death!

love you all!

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