Monday, April 4, 2016

March 28, 2016- Bryan to the Rescue!

So this week was tough. it started out like any normal week, and we had pretty much every single one of our appointments cancel. Except cancelling was only a select few of them. Because really they all just didn't show up. How you don't show up to your own house, I'll never know... but anyway. So that is a good backdrop of my week! and! as it is said, a dark backdrop makes the diamonds pop out even more! so. lemme explain some serious diamonds.
Diamond number one:
I went on exchanges with my zone leaders!! it was awesome! the one I went with was named Elder Corn, and he is legit. We had a ton of fun, and he was so excited to go meet some deaf people, and we had an appointment with one of my favorite members ever, she's the one who calls me Elder Testimony and is sweet as she can be,  like I explained before, she cancelled, so we had to resort to plan B! Tracting! so we did a lot of that! and it was awesome to learn from him and it was honestly an awesome day!
Diamond number two:
One of the only appointments that actually did go through on Saturday, we parked, had a 20 minute lesson, came out, and low and behold. our car is gone. no kids. our car was towed. So... that sounds like a pretty weird diamond, but that was more of added backdrop to make what went down after even better! So, we go to the apartment office, and get the address for the towing place, and so we walk across the street to the Mcdonalds, and use our ipads and free wifi to plan a walking route to the place where our car is being held prisoner. 3 miles away. Not bad, but obviously not ideal. So we get treking and we couldn't have walked a quarter mile before a member pulls over, and gives us a lift, offers to pay the fine, and feeds us dennys. wut???? like, who are you??? (to answer that question, he is Bryan) he was the nicest dude. He had just been baptized like a year and a half ago, and went through the temple for the first time ON MY BIRTHDAY!! It was so awesome. nicest dude alive, and so Christlike! oh man.
Diamond number three:
Easter!! so, get this. our hearing ward has a choir. and no one shows up. so I joined because Elder Hendrickson plays the piano, and I'm literally the best male singer there most of the time. Which is probably the most bizarre backwards state of affairs ever. but anyway, we sang Beautiful Savior for the Easter number, and it was awesome. so pretty (due to the fact it was the only day when other people showed up and saved the day.) Very spiritual and pretty. It's one of my favorite songs, and to sing it during the first Easter of my mission was one of the best experiences I've had so far!
There were obviously countless others, but that's all for now! love you!
Elder Roberts

Happy Easter!

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